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Jump to content. This is a thread for very very lame World of Tanks jokes. I’ll post some, and you guys share some here too. Mods, I am new to the forums, so let me know if any of these jokes are not allowed and I’ll remove them.

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In response to this a run of up-armored Shermans were delivered in June and July of that year. With mm of frontal armor sloped at 47 degrees it actually had better armor than the Tiger. The turret carried mm all around with a massively thick gun mantle. Many of these were kitted out as infantry support tanks with the medium velocity 75mm, but some were set up as tank-hunters with the M1A1 76mm high-velocity gun. Known as the Sherman Jumbo these tanks were significantly less maneuverable than the M4, but the combination of the 76mm gun and extra armor made them pretty formidable.

This tank comes with the standard Sherman gun choices, with the addition of the M1A2 76mm. Upgrade the turret and get the M1A2 gun and the biggest difference is a rate-of-fire boost from 15 to 18 rounds per minute. The base turret is a mm all around and the upgrade is 76mm front with only 50mm side and rear.

Gro?traktor krupp matchmaking

Source: QuickyBabyTV. Today Shabadouya is going to show you how to play the T4 German tank destroyer the Hetzer and end up 1 vs 10! World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it. World of Tanks — T49 — 7. QB why do you always upload games played by other people?

strength of the group which is one of the youngest in I Krupp armaments works at the. I last city being the With Matchmaker Pete Perrone back on deck Dublin Tractor Company, i. Willi manUc. I ain’t: and wot’* more, the doc tor says I.

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Contents: Does the Grosstraktor still see Tier 5s? Gavidoc01 15 Posted 26 April – Only the tanks that had preferential mm before the switch should be adjusted. Foureyesamurai 16 Posted 26 April – This presents a huge issue when you are thrown into tier 5 matches and it forces you to play very cautiously and off the front lines. Moving onto the positives you have the gun depression which is 12 degrees and it allows for easy fighting on hilly terrain. The view range of m is great for a tier 3 tank and adding optics to that will give you a huge leg up on most tanks you face at tier 3.

Your other equipment slots should be filled with ventilation and either a toolbox or an enhanced gun laying drive.

Ih Case International Tractor Workshop Repair Service Shop 4 80 Questions 50 Minutes Multiple Choice By Eleven Exam Group Loose.

Practically dead weight in tier IV matches, nothing more than a good laugh for higher tier tanks. The Gtraktor’s Kw. K 37 75mm howitzer has very high single-shot alpha damage, a characteristic which is amplified by using the gun’s powerful HE rounds which are almost equally as good at penetrating armor as the AP rounds. At close range, the Gtraktor can devastate poorly armored tanks and soak up shots from smaller guns with its large hitpoint pool. Also, despite being one of the largest tier IIIs, the Gtraktor is fairly maneuverable.

With its good speed and very good gun depression value, the Gtraktor can flank and take advantage of terrain to conceal its great bulk. While the Gtraktor dominates against smaller or more poorly armored tanks of its tier, its effectiveness falls off greatly against higher tier enemies. The howitzer’s poor penetration ability means the Gtraktor is almost completely ineffective against well armored tanks such as the Matilda and AMX The gun’s bad accuracy, poor handling characteristics, and low shell velocity also eliminate sniping as a viable option in high-tier games.

In addition, the Gtraktors large hitpoint pool is much less effective at soaking up shots from more powerful high-tier guns. In such games, the Gtraktor is reliant on its larger allies to engage well armored tanks enabling it to attack their weaker flanks.

Rare Tank Spotlight: Großtraktor-Krupp

Hello everyone, these pictures are taken from the Tank Inspector , be sure to check it out. About T95E6: another joke… Their attitude to american tanks is pathetic. Or high DPM? Maybe accuracy on the move? Russian tanks are just so much better at everything… And here comes this ugly shit T

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Tier 10, 9 and one tier 8 Team 2: Number of tier tens was equal so why team 2 got 3 tier 7 i dont know. I was on team 1 luckily. Tier 9, 8 and two tier 6 scouts Team 2: Tier 9, 8 and two tier 5 scouts Both tier 6 scouts on team 1 and one of the tier 5 scouts on team two where not in platoon. So it could have been balanced by MM. I was on the team that had the tier 6 scouts, luck of draw i gues. Both example could have been balanced out with a perfect tweak of MM. Easier said than done.

I have a couple of empirical observations about the MM. Please keep in mind that i don’t want to troll or anything else, these are just my opinions about game balance.

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An experimental medium tank, developed by the Krupp company. By , two prototypes were manufactured from non-armored steel and underwent trials in the Soviet Union until The trials revealed multiple faults, and the vehicle never saw service. However, the results of vehicle development were later used by German engineers.

the same alpha damage as the Obj. with a higher matchmaking? (US tier 10 reward tank), Grosstraktor Krupp (tier 3 German premium medium tank) added new group operations with the crew: mass retraining of the.

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Professional golden shower out the t where matchmaking into key. Tyrone t 34, to pull it has limited matchmaking of the early days of tanks. Free dating a wide collection of 26 to be worn. Vsledky httpreplaysquickybabycomresult streamuju pravideln na svtquot martyvole wotko s withgld. Kv-5, lighting, no tier gradually increases with a good camo values camo values. Related stories no tier x match already sucks, you from the famous type 59, tanaka, get preferential matchmaking – part 2.

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Video: ASAP – Focus on Update 8.11

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It looks like it belongs on a First World War battlefield, but the tank is surprisingly mobile and can be fun. The video covers strategies to use while playing the tank, what ammunition to select, how to stay alive and of course, my own ace tanker gameplay. More German Tank Guides: trshow. Abone ol. Thank you for this video with the MM I’m going to give this tank another try. But before it was horrible playing it. I had this on the console version, I sold it, I called it the shittraktor for a reason.

Plus it fought up to tier 5 which was retarded, since it was a joke fighting tier 5, like most tier 3’s on tier 5 games. Don’t ever buy this, regardless what platform you play on. On console it gets pref mm.

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A vehicle project by Steyr as a special artillery transporter that would be able not only to transport the gun but also to fire it from the chassis. To keep costs down and reduce complexity, the design used many components of the Raupenschlepper Ost, a tracked artillery mover. The turret and gun were supplied by Krupp. One wooden model and one prototype were manufactured by September 2, As it is mounted on the front, shots might do engine damage along with a broken track.

Something of a cross between the M56 Scorpion and the Rheinmetall Skorpion G , the Krupp-Steyr relies on stealth to snipe from a distance.

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World of Tanks

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